It's hard to believe we're getting closer to the winter months, and that this year is almost over. This weekend is the last one for the year for Canyon's Farmers Market.

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That means that this weekend is your last chance to go and grab some fresh, locally grown vegetables. It's also your last weekend to go get some fresh baked goods, take in the live music, get in some yoga, and check out all of the arts and crafts.

There are still some other outdoor activities you can visit to celebrate the fall months. Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm just opened up the season, but it's not going to be long before we're in the winter months and outdoor activities are going to be in short supply.

Personally, I love any chance I get to pick up some fresh produce from a farmer's market. My favorite is corn. I love picking up a few ears of corn if I can, and taking them home to throw on the grill. Almost nothing beats grilled corn.

There's also usually some kind of "oddity" you can find. I love looking for those odd homemade craft items that you just wouldn't see anywhere else.

Not only is it the last weekend for the farmer's market in Canyon, but it's also Autumn Street Fest. There's a lot of activities planned in Canyon this Saturday.

Get in all of the outdoors you can, while you can. Before long it will be too cold to spend a lot of time outside.

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