Remember "there's an app for that" being a catchphrase? It seems now it should be "There's a YouTube video for that."

I stumbled across a post on Reddit featuring this video of a guy going to different thrift stores in Amarillo to see what types of audio/video items he could find.

The channel is full of videos like this, where the host goes to thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales looking for vintage tech items.

He comes across vinyl records, old video game console controllers, stereos, speakers, and a lot more classic and vintage tech items. He even stumbles across some classic Christmas Blu Rays.

It was a relaxing video to watch, oddly enough. This guy knows his stuff, and goes through the hidden treasure troves with a critical eye. I even learned a little bit.

While we all should be aware of what is going on around us and in the world today, it is nice to find something that is relaxed and doesn't take itself so seriously.

Big shout-out to the businesses that allowed this guy to come in and film. Another big thank you to the person who shared this on Reddit.

Thank you all for giving me a little nostalgia fueled distraction from the stress.

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