It is crazy how fast this year is going by. I feel like we have this conversation every year. It's not something we are thinking about. Or maybe it is. I'm not even sure. I just know that we will kick off the month of May on Saturday.

May? How can that be? This means that the end of the school year is just around the corner. We will have finals. Yearbooks. End of Year parties. For some, of course, will be the end of their high school careers. They will be moving on to bigger and better things. Moving on to figure out who they are and what their future will be.

Center City has been working on making this milestone even more special for the students of Amarillo Independent School District. They started selling the Downtown Senior Banners last year. It has been a really neat addition to our streets.

Order your senior's banner by Friday, April 30. Deadline to order a Center City banner to honor your high school graduate is Friday. The banners will be on display in Center City through June.

These banners are a really cool thing to check out as you are heading Downtown for Sod Poodles games. Seeing all those graduates big smiling faces. If you are a parent of a Senior this year your time is running out to purchase one.

credit: Center City Amarillo
credit: Center City Amarillo

If you want to honor your student and see them on a banner in Downtown Amarillo you need to have it purchased by Friday. This is not a test. This is the real deal. Don't forget that this will be a banner that your graduate will get to keep when they take it down. What a great memory of all their hard work.

Anyone who is interested in one of these giant celebratory banners to honor a graduating senior can call Center City at (806) 372-6744.or click HERE Make that phone call today though because after tomorrow it will be too late.

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