New business is always a great thing in an ever-growing city.

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New business in Canyon is extremely exciting.   Canyon has been growing and will continue to grow until it meets Amarillo.

Canyon is somewhat unique because it is a college town and a business that would work extremely well right across the street from WT would be a Whataburger. When a post popped up on my Facebook feed saying that Canyon was getting a Whataburger, well let’s just say I wasn't the only one that got excited.  A Whataburger would be perfect for Canyon.

#1 Whataburger Whatameal
Jody Horton

In the excitement, logic came back and I decided to go to the source and ask Whataburger myself. I reached out to my Whataburger contact and asked, Is Whataburger coming to Canyon?

According to Casey Keane, Whataburger Corporate Field Marketing Coordinator West Texas,

Thanks for reaching out. Great to hear we have fans in the area. However, we have no specific plans to share on Canyon right now.

No specific plans to share on Canyon right now? That could mean that are looking at Canyon. That could mean that they aren’t coming to Canyon. That could mean they are coming to Canyon and they just don't want it out yet that they are coming.

I did ask about the Facebook post:

If or when Whataburger enters a new area, the official announcement will come from Whataburger. You and I can stay I touch for any further developments for Caynon.

There you have it. If Whataburger is indeed moving into Canyon they will let us know.
The hope is still alive!!!  According to the Facebook rumor, the current fictitious Whataburger is supposed to be built where the empty Donut Stop building stands.   If this is the case, what a shame,  that building is a very unique and modern build.

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