We are always asked what store do you want to see in Amarillo, Texas.  The one answer that comes up over and over again is simple.

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Trader Joe's

We need a Trader Joe's in Amarillo.  It is one of those stores that every little big city in Texas and across the country needs.

C'mon where else are you going to get their infamous cookie butter?

Amarillo has a lot of things, but not everything and we are big enough to be able to support a Trader Joe's in the Yellow City.

Here's where your help is needed.

Trader Joe's wants to know where to put a store.  They want you to tell them how much you want them to put a store in Amarillo.  TraderJoes.com has a page where you can go to let them know about Amarillo and why we need the store.

Go to the "Contact Us" section.  Click on "Request a Trader Joe's in my City", and then fill out the form.   Tell them that you want a Trader Joe's and you can even share with them a perfect location to build.   Now you can write a book because there is a character limit.

Once you submit the form you'll get a quick reply:

Thank you for your interest in a Trader Joe’s store – it matters to us. We’ve received your request and will share it with our real estate team for consideration.

If you have other comments or questions you’d like addressed, please submit them through our general feedback form at: https://www.traderjoes.com/home/contact-us

Thank you.

If enough people email them from the Amarillo area, then we might just make a dent and see a Trader Joe's in the next 5 years. It's fairly simple and easy to request a Trader Joe's so click and message them now.

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