The long nightmmare is over. Tyler's Barbeque is finally back open for business. I know it was only a month but it has been a LONG month.

Tyler's Barbeque officially opened back up this morning at 11 am. They are in a new location just down the street from their former and smaller place. You can now find them at 3301 Olsen Boulevard.

This new location is of course bigger than the previous place so that means this location has just what Tyler needs. Space and parking. His previous location doesn't have a whole lot of parking spots or even places for you to dine in. So this is going to be great for his customer's. He is also going to be able to expand his menu. So of course now that they are open I can only imagine how many hungry barbeque lovers.

What is great is already the positive responses I have witnessed on Facebook on their first day back.

credit: Jack Light's Facebook Page
credit: Jack Light's Facebook Page

Not even the colder weather and snow can keep the customer''s away. We are excited to have you back Tyler Here is to many, many years keeping Amarillo with full bellies and full of delicious barbeque.


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