The story of a life that has touched so many is a true testament of their heart, soul, and strength.   I learned strength, love, and endurance from this young man.

I shared the story of William Taylor with you many years ago.   His story began on the day he was born.  But, I believe his testament began on a September day in 2011 when, what was thought to be pink eye, turned into something that would change his life, his family's life and the life of so many people across this world.

I won't rewrite his story here, but you can read and hear all about Miracle Will at the link below.

You may be thinking, "ok Lori where are you going with this," and what I am truly thinking, is I don't want to write this, I don't want to think about it, but William ran (yes ran, I believe he ran) in to the arms of Jesus on Saturday.   He was completely healed when he closed his eyes for the last time and took his last breath.

If you don't know, William was confined to his wheelchair and bed for most of his life, but he was far from trapped.   He was surrounded by the most loving family who has ever walked this Earth, all his friends and his church.  He had so many adventures.  William's story brought so many lives to Jesus and touched so many hearts.   Even though he is no longer on this Earth, his story and his memory will continue to touch even more people.  He will truly be missed by thousands if not millions of people.

I don't want to live in a world where William isn't physically here, but knowing he was able to meet Jesus, hug his grandfather, and hopefully have some pizza and ranch makes my heart smile.

Just knowing he's healthy, and healed and smiling that big William smile, makes my heart happy.  Plus, knowing one day I will get to see him again and thank him for his amazingness and touching my heart is something I can't wait to do, since I didn't tell him that while he was here.

I last saw William a little less than a year ago, when his parents renewed their vows.  He looked so handsome.

Please keep the Taylor family in your hearts, thoughts and in your prayers.

They will have a Celebration of Life Service for Will on Saturday, January 29th at 2pm at The Loft Church.

This is one big, amazing life that will have a HUGE celebration.

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