Amarillo has some of the most beautiful art and that art can be found all over the walls of buildings in the Yellow City.

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Blank Spaces Murals are all over our city.  The Hoodoo Mural Festival is responsible for the amazing art in downtown Amarillo.  Even our local businesses are commissioning murals for the walls of their businesses.

Murals just have a way of making a splash and bringing joy to people's lives.

I know for myself personally, every time I go north on Bell Street past 45th I see this amazing mural of a bull and it makes me smile.  Art has a way of bringing emotions out in people, whether it be hanging on a well, created from metal or clay into a sculpture, or painted on the side of a building.  It is needed in our world today.

The mural on Bell Street is located on the side of a new local coffee shop in Amarillo called Yellow City Grind.  It is located in the old Chaparral Cleaners building just off 45th and Bell, next to Toot N Totum. They celebrated their Grand Opening on September 25, 2022.

Photo Courtesy: Yellow City Grind
Photo Courtesy: Yellow City Grind

As a part of the remodeling process and opening of the new coffee shop, the owner Sydney Gover commissioned her mural from her sister-in-law Emily Elliot, who lives in Abilene.  Emily brought the plains of Texas and Amarillo right to the side of Yellow City Grind and it is magnificent.

I really hope this mural trend never ends.  It brings the art of talented artists to the forefront of everyone's sight who is driving down a road.  Plus it takes the plain walls of a business and turns them into an amazing canvas.

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