This is something that dreams are made of. I promise you that. I am a big fan of Allsup's burritos from the time I was introduced to them as I was attending Canyon High School. You see kids the current junior high used to be my high school. As luck would have it there was an Allsup's behind the school.

For many years that was my go-to for lunch. Yes, I know my stomach can handle anything after all these years but I loved those darn burritos. I certainly love their taco sauce maybe even more. As a combination just forget about it.

There was talk a few weeks ago that there awesome burritos were finally going to be sold here in Amarillo. When Lonnie Allsup passed Allsup's was sold to Yesway. Yesway had no agreement with anyone keeping them out of anywhere. So here we are.

When I was driving home from Dallas the other day I had to stop in Clarendon to fill up my tank. I figured I might as well stop at Allsup's and get a burrito or two. That is when I made the comment that I had to stop to get one since we don't have an Allsup's here. We don't. That is when he let me know that the Yesway is open and selling this deliciousness.

Even though I just had a burrito from Clarendon what kind of person would I be if I didn't find out for myself? You know taking one for the team. So here we are.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

This sign was encouraging. I knew walking in I would find the burritos. While I was grabbing them to head home the cashier asked me if I wanted taco sauce. I asked if anyone ever said no. She said yes that some people ask for mustard. Mustard? On a burrito. do you. I need my Allsup's Taco Sauce.

I asked how long they have had the burrito's for sale and it's only been about two weeks. Oh and they are selling like crazy. While I was in line each and every person in front of me bought at least two. Oh and they are just like you expect them to taste. Yummy.

This could be dangerous that this is only a few miles from my house. Oh boy. The one food I craved when I was pregnant is now in Amarillo. Wow 2021 is just getting better and better.

You can find Yesway and home of the Allsup's Burrito at 2305 SW 3rd Ave. They are located just down 3rd and Georgia. Oh it was so worth it.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

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