Things have changed a lot from the days when I was a kiddo. I remember how much I loved playing Pac Man at the arcade. Oh and I was getting pretty good at it. I never had Atari at my house. I would have to go to my best friends house if I wanted to play Pitfall, centipede or Pac Man.

I always wished I could have a gaming system in my hand for those long car trips every summer. I never imagined that most kids would have that opportunity now. So that leads to parents worrying about all the time spent playing games. Whether it's on a gaming system, ipad or on a phone.

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Could all this time be hurting your child? That is the fear. Then of course look at the mother of all years. This 2020 has found kiddos spending more time playing. I mean kids were at home more. They had more time. We were all on lock down. We weren't able to have our normal time heading out to events. We had more time to entertain our kids while still trying to get our work done too. It was almost like a no win situation.

So there was a study done in England that determined that screen time isn't necessarily bad for the kiddos. Oh and to make things better it turns out it may actually be good for them.

Toddlers that grew up playing fun games on mom or dads phone ended up having better attention spans as they got older. They got use to, at an early age, paying attention to the screen and reaping the rewards from a game well played.

This is good news and a way that us parents shouldn't feel so bad. I still wouldn't let them play for eight hours straight but there are some benefits for the time they do end up playing.

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