This guy should teach a class. I mean you see ads all of the time on those "For Sale" pages. None of them really stand out. Well that was until this weekend. I was scrolling like I usually do and let me tell you this was pure magic.

Is it a Bookshelf? Or is it a Bookcase? Either Way it's SOLD

The guys name is Garrett Eggleston and his post on the For Sale in Amarillo and Canyon definitely got everyone's attention. Sure he could have just had a basic photo with a basic ad.

Why would you do that to us when you can give us this great piece of literary work:

It’s like a mansion for your books. It holds so many books. It’s so maroon. You can call it a bookshelf or a bookcase, depending on your mood.
I know what you’re thinking. “$20?! That is so cheap!” We know. We are nice people.
Just look at all of the things it has been through with us. It’s basically a member of our family. And we are willing to sell that member of our family to you for only $20.
Would trade for a Tesla or a good explanation of the 2001 cinematic enigma, “Donnie Darko”.
credit: Garrett Eggleston
credit: Garrett Eggleston
I mean Garrett is willing to sell a piece of his family for $20. What a deal. Oh and it looks like it will give the new owner many years of added happiness.

Pictures are Important

Oh and if you show more than just a basic bookshelf you will win over Amarillo.

credit: Garrett Eggleston
credit: Garrett Eggleston

Garrett celebrated his 30th birthday with his family, oh, and the bookshelf.

credit:Garrett Eggleston
credit :Garrett Eggleston

Garrett also shared time with his dog, his baby and the bookcase. See it really can be both to you. A lovely bookshelf and a magical bookcase.

credit: Garrett Eggleston
credit: Garrett Eggleston
When Garrett was hard at work on a puzzle and working on selling this bookcase/shelf he kept his eye on the prize. Selling it to someone else ready to share time with this great family member.
Some of the great responses to Garrett's ad:
  • And that’s how you sell a “bookshelf or bookcase”. - Amy
  • This can be a Netflix next series… “the story behind the BOOKSHELF” - Joe-ville
  • This is my favorite post ever in this group! - Stephanie
  • This is awesome! Looks like it could make a wonderful addition to my family also! - Tara

I know I am not alone in looking forward to the next creative ad by our friend Garrett. No pressure. Really. You hit it out of the ballpark with this one.

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