Convenience is always the key when it comes to shopping and Amarillo is getting a new business that will help with that convenience.

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We have several choices when it comes to convenience stores.  Places to zip into for a drink, snacks, and gas.   Not only are we getting one store, but the plan is for two stores in Amarillo.   This is great news and I'm excited to share.

QuikTrip Convenience, or QT for short, Stores are coming to Amarillo for your convenience.

“QuikTrip is the early planning stages of having a couple travel centers in Amarillo. We hope to have them under construction by early 2023 with an opening in early 2024.” Said Aisha Jefferson-Smith, QuikTrip’s Corporate Communications Manager.

If you have lived outside of Amarillo, you know that QTs are in bigger cities and one of the main convenience stores, so it makes sense that they would move into our city.  We are on the I-40 corridor and have a ton of traffic that travel through and if they see a familiar place they will definitely pull over to gas and snack up.

I just love the fact that we are getting more convenience stores in town.  This is surely to help out the competition of convenience stores in Amarillo.  Could this mean we might see some prices going down and not being controlled?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, look for the QTs in 2024.  Just a quick time to wait for this new business.

Let's keep growing Amarillo.

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