If I told you we as Amarilloan's were generous what would you think? We have seen it time and time again. It has especially been noticed during this year we call 2020. We have stepped up to help people. That is what being generous is all about.

You see it time and time again. We see someone post about needing something. This year people have needed toilet paper, they have needed food, they have needed someone to talk to and we just keep stepping up. It feels good to be part of this community.

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We are finally being noticed on a bigger scale. OFFERUP'S annual Good Neighbor Report has named Amarillo the 4th most generous city in America. We have known it for quite some time. Now we can wear this distinction proudly.

credit: Offerup's 2020 Good Neighbor Report
credit: Offerup's 2020 Good Neighbor Report

We are generous with our money  and goods. We have helped out many non-profits like The High Plains Food Bank, Downtown Women's Center, Family Support Service, just to name a few. We give of our own blood when Coffee Memorial Blood Center asks for our help. We love to help out in Amarillo.

There are other ways we give of ourselves. How many times do you see a car on the side of the road on I-40? We see people stop all the time to help. We are very generous with our time as well. We will hold doors for one another and let someone cut in front of us in line. Amarillo also loves to Pay it Forward when they are in a Drive Thru. It's great to see someone thank the person in line at Chick-Fil-A for paying for their food. This just seems to be the Amarillo Way.

Even giving a smile is considered generous, Yes, it is harder to see a smile with our masks on right now but even a smile is contagious and we are very giving of them. I can tell you that this list does not surprise me at all. I have always known I live in a very giving city. I can even see us moving on up higher on this list next year. We got this Amarillo.

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