It's the spooky season for the fall season.  No matter how you celebrate it, it's a fun time in Amarillo.

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It's the time when so many fun events pop up around Amarillo that are all about costumes, candy, and fun.

Amarillo is full of Trunk or Treats and Fall Festivals!

With the diversity in Amarillo, there is an event for everyone.  While some people don't believe in Halloween, they have Fall Festivals they can attend.  Others can dress up and have a blast at Halloween Trunk or Treats.

Both are pretty much the same, but the Fall Festivals usually occur at churches and discourage scary costumes.

It's a way to make this season fun for everyone.

What's a trunk or treat?

A trunk or treat is where a group of people decorate their cars and park in a parking lot and kids and families can go from car to car collecting candy.  It's trick or treating without going from house to house.  You go from car to car.

Amarillo is a great city for Trunk or Treats and Fall Festivals and it may be hard to choose which ones you want to take your family to enjoy.    We wanted to make it easy on you so we created a map of all the trunk or treats and Fall festivals in the area.

If you have an event and it's not on the map, let us know.

It'll be a fun spooky or Fall season with all these fun events.  Think about all the candy!


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