Tis the season for all things spooky, and that is why it is always fun to find stories of local ghosts.

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A newer coffee show in Amarillo for a few years posted a video on their TikTok recently.  It wasn't about a unique flavor of coffee or a twist on a coffee drink (which they post all the time).  It was something different.  It was something that happened when no one was in the building.

Goggle Maps/TSM Amarillo
Goggle Maps/TSM Amarillo

Yellow City Grind had its Grand Opening on September 5, 2022.  It's been serving up delicious coffee since, including its monthly coffee flights.  It's a chance to try multiple coffees at one time so you can decide which ones you like.

However, recently it seems that something came out of hiding, and decided to show their disdain for the décor in Yellow City Grind.

This was something that happened to be caught on camera while no one was in the building.

The ghost who resides in the building either hates Halloween or hates pumpkins.

Weird that a ghost would hate Halloween or All Hallows Eve.  Maybe they celebrate on November 1st and 2nd for the Day of the Dead?

Before Yellow City Grind was in the building it was home to Chaparral Cleaners.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Could it be a ghost that lingers from the days of the dry cleaners?  Did something happen within those walls that keeps a spirit locked in?   After reading a lot of negative reviews over the years about the cleaners, it may be a disgruntled customer who never had their dry cleaning fixed.

The mystery of the ghost will remain.

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