Welcome to another installation of Buildings in Amarillo That Seem to be Cursed.

They move in, then they move  right back out. There are some  locations that just can't seem to hang on to a business for very long. And this time we'll be looking at 2028 Paramount.

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We're hoping by shedding light on the building it'll help break the curse.

Today we are looking at the building at 2028 Paramount Blvd.

Looking at the deed history in 1997 this building was owned by Pizza Hut. However, I don't remember a Pizza Hut being here, and it is nowhere near the design of their signature buildings.

My editor swears up and down that for a time, maybe 2003-2005, an Indian food buffet was in the building.

2007 - Fernando's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

Google Maps
Google Maps

Fernando's was in the building from 2007 to 2012 if I remember correctly.  They then moved to the old Marty's Building which is now gone.  Fernando's claim to fame was their salsa bar.  OMG!  Their cucumber salsa was to die for, and I miss it so much.  I have yet to find anything close.



The building was changed a bit to make it look more modern.  While awaiting its new owners or tenants it sat on Paramount with its For Sale sign still sporting Fernando's signs.

Taqueria El Tapatio

Google Maps
Google Maps

I can't seem to find the exact move-in date for Taqueria El Tapatio, but they have had several restaurants in Amarillo.  I have seen posts where they were in business here in 2015 for sure. However, they did not last long in this building, by 2017 it was up for sale again.  Last I hear Taqueria El Tapatio #3 is open in Canyon.

2017 For Sale again

attachment-El Tapatio 2018

2017 Paco's Tacos

attachment-Pacos Tacos 2018

Paco's Tacos was in this building long enough to get a sign put up and then Poof! They were gone, the last post I can find was from May 2018.

This brings us to the current tenant.

El Bracero Mexican Restaurant - 2018 - present

attachment-El Bracero

There are several El Braceros in Amarillo, one downtown, one on Bell, one on Grand, and this one on Paramount.  I'm not sure if they are all tied together, but dang they all have great food.

Help us out, if we missed a location.  Can you remember what this building was pre-2007?

Amarillo's Cursed Buildings – Historic Route 66, 2813 SW 6th

There are some places around town that just can't seem to stay in business for very long. This is one of them.

The address of the cursed building is 2813 SW 6th Street. This building was originally built in 1930. This place was originally a service station. I'm sure in the heydays of Rt. 66, this place was the place to stop to get your car serviced. However, in the last 15 years, this building has seen many different faces.

Amarillo Cursed Buildings - 715 S. Polk

Polk Street is a great place to spend an evening. However, over the years, Polk Street has seen many businesses come and go. One of these buildings is at 715 S. Polk. It has been many things over the years, mainly bars, but it seems as soon as one moves in, it moves right out.

So what all has been in there? Let's take a look back at 715 S. Polk.

This building was originally built in 1915, it was known as The Hollywood.

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