The Borger Police are currently looking for any information on the killing of swans in the Lakeview neighborhood.

Community members found the dead swans near the pond on the morning of August 15th and after some investigation the swans were not hurt by another animal.  They were hurt by a human or humans.

The killing of the swans took place between Tuesday, August 14th and Wednesday, August 15th.

If you have any information about the swans, please contact the Borger Police at 806-273-0950.

According to a comment on the Borger Police Facebook post a reward is being offered.

It just breaks my heart to know that there is someone out there that would harm an innocent animal. I truly hope someone comes forward with more information about this crime. I know it won't bring the swans back, but it will bring the person to justice and hopefully put a stop to something like this happening again.

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