Have you noticed the construction at Soncy and Hillside? Yep, there's been something brewing at the site next to Toot N' Totum as you turn into Townsquare Village. Only in the past few days have they finally completed enough of the exterior to give us an idea what it is. The iconic colors hint at just one thing. There's a new Braum's coming to Southwest Amarillo.

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There's no road sign yet, the permit wall isn't exactly easy to see and there aren't any now hiring signs but sometimes you can just look at something and know exactly what it is.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Because I love going down the rabbit hole, I looked at a press release from the company and sure enough the building looks almost identical to a location opened in Lubbock earlier this year.

The Soncy Road location boasts 5,700 square feet of space, Seating for 74 guests and a double drive through window which will help keep times down. If you happen to be a fan of the fresh market, which boasts a great selection of store branded ice cream, dairy, produce and meats. perfect for a last minute save when you need something in a hurry.

So when does it open? According to company reps, they should be up and running by January 2022, but looking at the construction site, there's a chance they might be done sooner. There's already one near me here on Coulter but, having another one while driving around might be kinda nice, especially when that bag of burgers craving kicks in.

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