The Amarillo Sod Poodles are actively urging fans to not buy any tickets unless they are from their organization.

With the opening day of the inaugural season right around the corner tickets for the Sod Poodles are in high demand. Of course, with scarcity comes the scalpers. I am not against anyone trying to make a profit on tickets they are unable to use. But the problem lies when people start selling straight up fake tickets.

Sod Poodles organization tickets prices range anywhere from $6 to $18, with an online $1.50 fee per ticket from ticketing platform like

This week scalpers have sold fake tickets for all the way up to $50 per ticket. That is not including the transactional surcharges/fees.

If you plan on supporting the Soddies this year just make your life easier and go straight to SODPOODLES.COM. Avoid Facebook groups, apps like Letgo, craigslist and other online sites.

The first game will be Monday, April 8th.

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