It's one of the best once a week holidays we have. Taco Tuesday is an important part of our workweek traditions.

That's why baseball fans who like tacos are going to be excited to hear about the latest addition to Hodgetown's festivities.

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Taco Bell And Hodgetown Are Teaming Up This Season

The news came out earlier today that Hodgetown has added another name to their long list of partners. Taco Bell has decided to get on the Sod Poodle train.

First of all, Tuesdays are now Taco Tuesdays at Hodgetown, with Taco Bell as the presenting sponsor.

They've also got a promotion going where you and I can score tacos on the cheap. If the Sod Poodles can send the ball into the stands, the next day we get tacos.

Here's How It Works

They're calling it a "double dinger." Basically, what we need is for the Sod Poodles to hit two home runs in a game.

Credit: John Moore
Credit: John Moore

It counts for home and away games. All we need is for the Poods to go yard twice, and then we get tacos.

When the Soddies hit two home runs in a game, the next day we get four tacos for $2. The offer is good from 4 PM to 6 PM. So, you'll need to grab them on your way home.

It's also only at participating Taco Bells in Amarillo, and in surrounding towns.

Hodgetown Just Keeps Growing

It seems like every time you turn around, something is being to the Hodgetown experience. Be sure to check out the Sod Poodles website for upcoming games and promotions.

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