Did you know that you can find treasures all over Amarillo?  Especially those areas you don't frequent all the time.

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It's true that you might have driven by a location a thousand times, but never really noticed the place.  It's a place that might have been something else, but long forgotten.

There is a new restaurant opening up at 1010 North Fillmore.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This drive-in location will be hopping with new life soon.

Hacienda Meche is opening soon with amazing Mexican food.

Hacienda Meche is a bar where you can get something good and fast.

It'll be a place where you pull up and order food and drinks.  It will be brought out to your car.  You'll have the option of eating in your car, inside the restaurant or you can eat your meal on their brand-new patio.

What kind of food will Hacienda Meche serve?

Photo Courtesy Hacienda Meche
Photo Courtesy Hacienda Meche
They will have 100% Authentic Mexican food from Chihuahua Mexico.
Menu Items Include:
  • Bistec Tacos (Asada)
  • Al Pastor tacos
  • T-Bone tacos
  • T-Bone steak
  • Rib Eye steak
    Tacos Gobernador (shrimp with cheese)
  • Tacos de Pulpo (octopus)
  • Aguachiles
  • Carnitas (weekends)
  • Chamorros (weekends)
  • Ceviches
  • and much more!

Don't miss out on the creative drinks that you can order from Hacienda Meche.

Photo Courtesy Hacienda Meche
Photo Courtesy Hacienda Meche

Now that your mouth is watering, and you're craving some great authentic Mexican food and creative drinks, when can you visit Hacienda Meche?

Their goal is to be able to open by the end of April, but it looks to be the middle of May.  Either/or if you check out their menu items, you'll be drooling for weeks dreaming about the delicious food at Hacienda Meche.

Hacienda Meche Drive-In and Restaurant

Hacienda Meche is a new drive-in, restaurant and bar serving 100% authentic Mexican food from Chihuahua, Mexico.

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