Amarillo is a great city and has a lot of great touristy things to experience.

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One of the biggest tourist attractions is the Big Texan.  It's the home of the 72oz Steak Challenge,  which thousands have tried, but few have accomplished (except for Molly Schuyler, and who's done 3 full meals in 20 minutes).   It has its own pet rattlesnake.  It's just the epitome of a steakhouse.

For those of us that live here, we know exactly where the Big Texan is located.  I mean you can't miss this big giant yellow building with a Godzilla dinosaur out front and a big giant Texan on the sign.  But, I cannot help but wonder how many people get lost trying to find the Big Texan.

When you do a Google Search with the address, it tags Westgate Mall.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So my always questioning brain automatically goes to, "are they opening a Big Texan in the Mall?"

However, I do realize that when you put the address into Google Maps and forget the E or W, you're going to get two separate addresses, the location of Westgate Mall and The Big Texan.  One's east and one's west, but both are 7701 I-40.

Again, if you live here you know where the Big Texan is, but how many tourists have made the same mistake and ended up at the mall?  They stopped at Cadillac Ranch to see the art piece and spray paint a little, and then thought, "Oh hey, The Big Texan is just up the road."  Ok, so maybe they didn't think it, but maybe they did.

I wonder how many people have gone and walked through the mall looking for a giant steakhouse.  The closest thing they are going to get to a steak in the mall is Charleys Cheesesteaks.  On another note, please bring back the original Cattle Call.

Most people will figure it out soon enough, but can you imagine how many times the people at the information desk at the mall get asked, "where is the Big Texan? My GPS said it was here."

So with all that said, The Big Texan is not moving into the mall or opening a location in the mall.  It's a map glitch.  

Big Texan

The Big Texan is a sight to see, especially during the holidays. They know how to decorate. Even the bear that greets you at the front door likes to get into the holiday spirit.

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