Junior Achievement planned to have a movie night back in May. The weather didn't cooperate. It got rained out. Then as luck would have it the changed date wouldn't you know it, the rain happened again.

That makes for two rainouts. So they decided to wait. It's going to happen one way or another. So having it in July seems to be a safe bet, right? After two rainouts here we are trying again.

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They have moved their screening of Toy Story 4 to this Friday, July 23rd. Everything else is the same from the original plan. The movie will be shown out at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. Toy Story will begin at 8:30pm.  The doors will open at 7pm and you will be out of there by 10pm.

There still will not be an admission charge but they will gladly accept donations to help out the Junior Achievement. You need to come hungry because they will have a meal deal. It will include a BBQ sandwich, drink, chips, and candy bar for $8. If you just want a sandwich that is ok too for just $5.

Snacks for during the movie are only $1 each for popcorn, candy, pickle or chips. You can also grab yourself a drink for $2. You are encouraged to bring a blanket or a chair so you can get comfortable watching Toy Story 4.

I feel the third time is the charm. Looking ahead to the forecast, right now, there is not much of a chance for rain. I feel this will be our lucky day. A great fun family time watching a great movie.