It seems more and more stores are leaving the mall.

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A beloved store that has called Westgate Mall home for over a decade is closing its doors and leaving the store mecca.

The store isn't closing for good or going out of business they are just moving to a brand-new location.  It will be a better location for those who don't want to go near the mall.   It'll give easier access and a new look.

The Knife Guys are leaving Westgate Mall

The Knife Guys is a great store for those who love their knives.  The great thing about The Knife Guys is if you need a knife and don't have a ton of cash, they have a knife for you.  If you are a person who wants the best, most expensive knife available then they have a knife for you.  If you are in between, you are in luck because they have a lot of knives for you.  Their knives are high quality.

They have every knife you can imagine, a huge selection of pocket knives, hunting knives, throwing knives, flint knives, spring assist knives, and automatic knives.

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

Not only do they sell knives they also have swords (from beginner to collector, to battle-ready), daggers, shields, and body armor.  They sell dragon and fairy figurines as well.  Need a new set of knives for the kitchen, they can take care of you and all your kitchen knife needs.

Looking for a particular knife, The Knife Guys can help you out.   Their customer service is amazing.  Have no clue what knife to buy, their knife experts can help you find that perfect knife for you or that perfect gift.

The Knife Guys' last day in Westgate Mall will be on December 31st.   This means you'll need to keep a close eye out because they will need to clear out their inventory before they move.

Where are The Knife Guys moving?

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Knife Guys' new Amarillo location will be at 3700 Soncy Road.  They will be located between the new Five Guys and O'Reilly Auto Parts.   They expect the new store to be open around March 2024 or April 2024.  You'll have until the end of December to shop in their store in the mall, after that, you will have to visit their store in Bushland at 18500 West Interstate Hwy 40 until the new store is open.

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