One of the cool things about Amarillo is Hoof Prints.  Hoof Prints is a program in Amarillo through Center City, that puts horse statues in front of Amarillo businesses.

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If you drive through Amarillo, just about on any corner you will see a horse statue, these horse statues are fun and creative and they are painted to suit the business. It's always fun to drive around and see these different horses throughout the town.

It's a fun adventure for the kids as well.  Not only is it fun to find the horses, but it also supports Center City of Amarillo and its partnership with the American Quarter Horse Association.   As creative as the Hoof Prints of the American Quarter Horse are in Amarillo.  Other cities have something like this as well.

Plainview is all about cows, and Wichita Falls also has horses.  While Amarillo uses Hoof Prints, the Wichita Falls program is called The Mane Event.  According to their website,

The Mane Event is a public arts project of Leadership Wichita Falls, a non-profit organization dedicated to the recruitment, development, and preparation of individuals for civic leadership while providing a foundation and ongoing opportunities for community involvement.​

However, unlike Amarillo, Wichita Falls' horses are in different shapes, sizes, and stances.  Amarillo's are the American Quarter Horse.

Every city should have something like Wichita Falls' Mane Event, Amarillo's Hoof Prints, and Plainview's Stampede.  Not only do the proceeds help organizations, it gives local artists a different type of canvas, and it is great for tourism.

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