When you are planning your family vacation you always have to take your pets into consideration.  Who is going to take care of them, where are they going to go if they cannot stay home, how much is it going to cost?

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Your pets are your family and you have to make sure they are taken care of when you leave because they are going to be sad you're gone, and it is interrupting their normal routine.

What do you do when you plan a vacation and can't take your pets with you?

If you don't have family members that can pet sit for you then you need to check into a pet hotel.  The Amarillo area is full of some really great pet hotels.

Max and Kaya loving their Yard time at the pet hotel. -Lori Crofford
Max and Kaya love their yard time at the pet hotel.
-Lori Crofford

Most Pet hotels in Amarillo offer a luxurious experience for your pets.  They have special rooms and you can choose the size.  If you have multiple pets you can let them stay together.  Many of the pet hotels in Amarillo have different levels of your pet's stay, just like most hotels in the human world have different types of rooms and perks.

Most of the pet hotels in Amarillo offer additional services for your pet, like a spa day, or special treats or massages.

Lori Crofford
Kaya after her spa day at the pet hotel - Lori Crofford

Most of the pet hotels will have your pet's room ready, they get playtime alone or with other pets (depending on the temperament of your pet), they get fed on a schedule and treat time, plus multiple potty breaks.  If your pet requires medication the pet hotels will work with you to make sure they stay on their med schedule.

They will be treated like you treat them.  Most of the time they will have more fun than you.

Please keep in mind that your pets will need to be up to date on their vaccines.

Best Places to Board Your Pets in Amarillo

When it comes to our pets we want them safe and when we have to leave town, we don't want to leave them all along. Here are some of the best places in the Amarillo area to board your pets.

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