We are all guilty of forgetting an ingredient on Thanksgiving Day.  Maybe it was potatoes, maybe it was salt, maybe you forgot your foil.  Here's a few places in Amarillo that will be open for those last minute "I forgot this ingredient" on Thanksgiving.

The main businesses and grocery stores in Amarillo will be closed on Thanksgiving, so you can't run to Walmart or United Thanksgiving morning for those forgotten items.  You just might get lucky and find that ingredient you missed.

Dollar General

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This might be your saving grace.  Dollar General usually carries most of the things you might have forgotten to pick up before Thanksgiving morning.  They will be open 7am - 10pm.

Toot N Totum

TSM Amarillo

If you're looking for beverages, small items like canned vegetables,  foil, or maybe even chicken broth.  You might be able to find a few staples they keep in stock.


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You'll have to drive to Canyon to find the thing you missed, but luckily, they are good about stocking up on the few things you might have forgotten on Thanksgiving morning.  When in doubt, and you need a back up, just buy a bunch of their burritos and chimis.


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If you're looking for a few items you might have forgotten Pak-A-Sak is the place to stop.  Not only that, they have Ede's Beef Jerky, so it's a win-win.

Big Lots

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Not only will you be able to pick up your those few forgotten items.  You might even find that perfect Christmas gift while you are in the store.

If you're like me and always forget something.  These stores may be your lifesaver on Thanksgiving morning especially if you need that one little ingredient or item that will make the meal.  However if you forget the whole turkey, then this may help.

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