We'll beat any competitor's price, which is something we've seen for decades in advertising.

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Price matching has been used by grocery stores, big box stores like Walmart, Target, and the most well-known price matcher,  Best Buy.

The idea of price matching is if you can bring in the ad of a competitor and show that they are offering a price lower than yours then the business will honor the same price or give it to you at a lower price.

It's all to keep you shopping in their stores for years to come. 

It's worked well in the past, but is it working still?  Are people still in it for a great deal or would they just rather order something online or for pickup and skip the deal for convenience?

Price matching has worked well in the past, however, would it work with other entities other than stores?

WTAMU thinks so, that's why they are introducing their Beat Any Offer education!

That's right, WT is starting a program where they price match their competitors.

According to Dr. Wendler, the President of WTAMU, "through WT’s Beat Any Offer deal, prospective students can submit their admission offers for another institution of higher education to WT, and “WT will do everything in our power to beat the offer,”

How will WT's Beat Any Offer Deal Work?

  1. Apply and be accepted and admitted to WTAMU
  2. Submit your FAFSA to WT
  3. Complete a WT Scholarship application
  4. Email your acceptance letter and offer from another university

WT will review the offer and make you an offer of the same, or better to bring you to the great learning institution of WT.

“We are proud of the Texas Panhandle and West Texas A&;M University. WT is committed to providing an excellent educational experience at an affordable cost. It is our commitment and duty as a regional institution. We are confident in the quality of our academic offerings and the personal fulfilment that students find here.”[/pullquotes

Some might think that this is to increase enrollment at WT, but the enrollment numbers for the university have been on a rise.  According to WT, freshman enrolling for Spring 2023 classes was 3 percent higher than in Spring 2022.

As with any beat any deal programs, there are some stipulations, but you can find all the information here. 

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