When was the last time you rocked out?

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Rocked out?   Rocking out can mean many things, but in this instance, it is something you probably will love and need. When was the last time you visited a ranch in this area?   When was the last time you rocked out at a ranch?

You are about to get the best of both worlds

Nestled between Amarillo and Canyon is a unique ranch that you probably have driven by, but never really paid attention to as you're passing. It's a ranch you would visit when you need to rock out.  And, no, it's not a concert venue.

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It's the Rock Ranch!

It's your home for every rock imaginable that you might need for your home or business.  Need to upgrade your business? There's a rock for that.   Need some pavers, guess what?  You can find them at the rock ranch.

I LOVE THE ROCK RANCH!!! They've got tons of amazingly cool stone (literally) and the guys there are super nice, really...

Posted by Karen Lucius on Thursday, April 13, 2017

Looking to cover the exterior in a mosaicked rock look, you can find your rock at the rock ranch.  Want to give your fireplace and new look?  There's a rock slab for that at the Rock Ranch.

Flagstone, river rock, lava rock, slabs of rock, building stone and edging, and even rocks for your aquarium.  Need a boulder?  They have those as well. They don't stop at rocks, you can get sod for your lawn, and even firewood for your fireplace.

If you're in need of rocking out, then The Rock Ranch is definitely for you.   It'll give your landscaping that perfect pop! The Rock Ranch is located on the east side of I-27 between FM 2219 and Rockwell Road, 15801 Canyon Expy.

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