The start of the school year is rapidly approaching, and you're starting to realize how little time is left in summer aren't you?

Well the good news is you still have time to get out and enjoy a few activities. Here's a few things you've still got time to go do!

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This is the ultimate type of family activity. Everyone together in a tent, cooking and grilling on small appliances. Hiking, biking, fishing and all those nature type things. The best part of it though? Pure relaxation for everyone involved. A chance for the kids to turn off, and your opportunity to just forget about life and everything coming up. The views you'll have, the sense of freedom you'll feel inside the canyon is the ultimate last minute thing for you to do, and I promise it'll be the most rewarding.

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I know, this seems like something you could do any time. Here's the thing though, there's only 2 day games left. Night games that start at 7:05pm start to make it tricky to get the kids home and down for bed at a decent time so they aren't wiped out in class. Take a day, grab yourself a nice family dinner before the game, get in the ballpark early and let the kids get some autographs from the players. You can grab your favorite adult beverage, some sodas for the kids then head down to the seats for some baseball. Extend your night and go on a Friday for a fireworks show!

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Here's something you could turn into a little staycation and weekend long excursion. Start your weekend exploring the 4 acres of beautiful plants and flowers at Amarillo Botanical Gardens. You'll find rare things and of course, the kids will get a little education out of it in a fun way! After your day at the gardens is over, why don't you book a nice little hotel and get away from the house and it's responsibilities? The next day after a little breakfast, head on out to the Amarillo Zoo to take in all the wildlife. So many rare animals to see, the zoo will provide nothing but joy and smiles before the kids stuff their brain full of info.

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