People in our area have a love-hate relationship with Toot n Totum. They either really love them or would rather push their car barefoot across town to get gas at any place other than TNT. I fall in the latter category.

I will go out of my way to get gas at Market Street and if I need to make a quick stop I will run to Walgreens. Some people are confused that I do that but that is what is great about America. We have that freedom.

I get it. There are Toot n Totum's all over Amarillo. There is always one nearby. I just choose to go elsewhere. So did it come to a surprise to me when I found out that they were removing all of the bank-owned ATM's out of their locations?

No, not really. I personally know that Happy State bank's contracts were up with them last year and all the Happy ATMs were removed. I also work for at Happy State Bank and one my tasks was to remove the Toot n Totum locations from the website.

Now I am assuming that the contracts are up with Amarillo National Bank as well because the same thing is happening with those ATMs. Before you worry, yes you can still get your cash at a Toot n' Totum. It is just that they will no longer be owned by our local banks.

So Who Will Own the Toot n' Totum ATM's?

Would you be surprised to know that the answer to that would be Toot n' Totum? Probably not. I mean I wasn't. Toot n' Totum's will now own their own ATM's. So they will start collecting those ATM fees. Shocking, right?

How Can I Avoid Paying ATM Fees Anyway?

I will give you a hint though if you want to stop paying ANYONE an ATM fee. Did you know that most banks partner with a system to let you know where ATM's without the fees are located? Amarillo National Bank uses Allpoint. Happy State Bank and FirstBank Southwest use Moneypass. Just because I hate paying any ATM fee to anyone.

All you have to do with Allpoint and Moneypass is download an app. That app will give you the closest ATM from where you are that will not charge you a fee. This can be used all over the country. These ATMs are not usually associated with your bank but they are in a network to save you money. So take advantage of that.

The last thing we want to do is pay those darn ATM fees to Toot n' Totum or anyone else really.

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