You can not and should not believe everything you read. I mean come on. It's like taking medical advice from Tik Tok. You just don't do it. Always research before you knee jerk post about anything.

I know that is what we learn in media classes. I know a lot of you have not taken a class like that. You do NOT want to be spreading false information. Ever. Case in point.

The Bagel Place is NOT closed

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday afternoon when I saw this Fake News:

The Bagle Place on Western!
Another one gone.

Calm down! I went ahead and researched this. Easily enough I went to their Facebook page. Guess what? No talk about them closing. See, I drive by their place every single day. At first I was sad.

Do your research

Oh, and then I decided to look it up. Like most people should do. They are fine. They are open. The poster just didn't realize that YEARS ago they moved from Western to Bell. How long has that been?

Sometimes a simple post like this could really hurt a business. What if the followers didn't call BS right away? What if people took this as gospel? I mean that could make some people stop going.

Don't be that person. I mean there were many people on the Amarillo Restaurant Reviews....At Your Own Risk page that believed what they saw. No questions asked. Then there were the rest of us that question it.

Facebook responses, they know what is going on.

According to Robbie:

LOL, I’m literally there right now. I think they’re doing ok. They just did a huge kitchen remodel

My buddy Tyler was the voice of reasoning:

Nonsense. They do close at 3:00. Do your research before posting something that could hurt a well respected business in Amarillo.

Mary who works there sealed the deal:

We are still very much in business on Bell. We moved to this location 20 years ago.

So please for the love of everything if you see something and you think it is news. Verify. Check everything. Please do not spread false information. Do not hurt a local business. The Bagel Place on Bell Street is not closed.

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