Theaters are cracking down to make sure you don't bring in food. However people still do it.

It is easy to sneak a can of soda or a box of candy. A lot of people do that even though they are not suppose to.

However there are those who are even more daring by sneaking in bigger items.

We ask some people in Amarillo what is the craziest thing you tried to sneak in to the movie theater. Here is what some people said.

Fast food seems to be the favorite answer. I remember when The Dark Knight came out and my buddy and I decided to sneak in two big orders of Raising Cains. You can smell the chicken in the entire theater. Some other people said they have sneaked in Taco Bell and McDonald's.

Some people have said they knew that the movie they were seeing wasn't going to be good or something they could sit through. So they would sneak in some alcohol. Parents gave this answer a lot when they had to sit through a movie like My Little Ponies.

Food and drinks were not the only thing people were trying to get in. Some people were trying to get in other people. Like a child. This is not ok. It is pretty much stealing... so don't do that.

What are some things you tried to sneak into the movie theater? Tell us in the comment section below.

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