Have you noticed that bacon is everywhere?  Bacon is the pumpkin spice that never goes away and is never seasonal.  But, let's face it, bacon is delicious as where pumpkin spice is an acquired taste most people hate.

You can get bacon jelly, bacon chips, bacon band aids, bacon houseshoes, bacon beer, and the list goes on and on.  Bacon is the meat of the Gods.  OK maybe not, but it's become the meat of our generations.

Here's why we love bacon.

1.  Bacon goes with everything

Wrap it in bacon, top it with bacon, stuff it with bacon.

2.  It's easy to cook

You can cook it in a pan, you can cook it in the oven, you can microwave it, you can smoke it, it's has a wide range of cooking options.

3. You can eat it at every meal

Once thought to only be a breakfast staple, it has now become a any meal staple.  Breakfast, have a plate of bacon.  Lunch, have a BLT.  Dinner, wrap your meatloaf in bacon.

4.  It's even good as a dessert

Dip it in chocolate, top off a donut, mix it with ice cream and chocolate for a delicious sundae, make a delicious jam for your toast.  YUM!

5. It can help you lose weight

Who needs vegetables?

So have your love affair with bacon on May 12th at the Texas Panhandle Baconfest! Buy tickets here!

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or you can cook up your favorite bacon dish with some friends.


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