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Have you heard the term billet family? Do you know what that even means? I didn't until I was doing an interview on the radio for an upcoming Amarillo Bulls season. They were looking for billet families.

Here is the definition of a billet family on Wikipedia:

In North America, billet families offer room and board to junior ice hockey players (or Under-20 athletes from other sports, such as soccer) who leave home to join elite teams in other towns. ... The objective of a billet family is to provide a "home away from home" for young players during the season.

Not long after that I started working with our Amarillo Bulls team. So I got to see how these players and billet families really became important members of each other's lives. They create a strong bond that sticks with you long after the player leaves your home and moves on to other parts of their lives.

It's a great program. Now that the Amarillo Bulls have left our city and the Amarillo Wranglers have taken there place there is still a need. The push to get these players matched up with host families has not changed. So the team is now looking for those great families to step in.

credit: Amarillo Wranglers Facebook Page
credit: Amarillo Wranglers Facebook Page

From the research I saw on line there is some money provided to help offset the costs of food and expenses. You don't do it for the money. The kids are out at practice, at games or on the road a lot but the time they are with you builds a lot of lasting memories.

If you would like to fill that need for a player this season make sure you contact the Amarillo Wranglers organization.

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