I know when you have the thought about going to McDonald's you are probably not necessarily looking for the healthiest meal anyway. I get that. Oh their Big Macs are to die for. Oh and their fries. If you get them fresh they are the best.

I am not dogging on McDonald's in any way. I have in the past for their discontinuing the Hot Mustard sauce here in Amarillo. They fixed that and have it back in certain Amarillo McDonald's. So I'm not mad.

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I had a friend post this today and I had to look:

no one noticed that McDonalds no long has salads on their menu

Oh and he is right. I went right away to their app and had to confirm. I can order as many Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets, cheeseburgers and fries as I want. I could not order a salad to save my life. I guess the salad option went away when Covid hit and they never returned.

The only healthy thing I could find to order was apple slices. I'm not sure how many kids are thrilled to get those with their Happy Meal instead of the fries. Probably the same number of people who actually miss that they don't have salads on their menu.

I mean I never noticed but if you ever see me at McDonald's you know you will only find me ordering a Big Mac. That really is my kryptonite. So yeah. I knew they used to sell salads. I even knew a few people who swore by their BLT salad. I will trust them on that.

Just give me a Big Mac, Fries and my hot mustard for dipping. Just don't go their expecting to order a salad. You will be Mc dissatisfied.

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