I know that going for a walk with your dog is by far a healthy thing for you to do for yourself; but it is also great for your dog. You both get to go outside in the environment. You both get some much needed exercise.

You get sunshine on your skin. What is not to love. There are some things that your best furry friend wishes that they could tell you. You need to know that this walk is a big deal for them. They may have been cooped up all day. They are actually getting to get outside. If they have a backyard this still is big for them. They get to spend time with you. So get off your phone and enjoy the time you have to bond. Get that exercise too.

You also need to know that you have to give them time. Don't expect them to be done and ready to go back inside in under 5 minutes. That might make your day but really again this is a big deal. They don't want to be rushed to do their business.

Do you know how much they love to sniff? I mean they will sniff anything around them. This is their way to learn new things. They want to know how it smells. Look at it this way. You get up and get online to read what you need to get the day going. Your dog doesn't get to do that. They use their nose for their form of "reading" it's how they learn all the stuff they need to know.

If you really want to make your dog happy get them a harness for walks. I never really thought about the stress a collar and leash puts on a dogs neck. Especially when they lunge at things. It makes sense though.

So we want to hear good ways to keep US healthy but we also need to think about our other family members too, our dogs.

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