Here we are in October. The year of constant change that is 2020 has somehow found a way to make it this far. That, of course, means that the Holiday's are just around the corner. How will they be different this year?

Will you still have those large family gatherings? If you do what precautions will you be taking? I mean it is not going to be unlikely to see a thermometer at the door. Everyone might feel better knowing that they will gage if we are healthy enough to walk in the front door.

Some get togethers will be successful with social distancing. Some families live in a place that it won't be unusual to have the gathering outdoors to help make that possible. We will see many tables filled with hand sanitizer. We may even start to hand out party favors as you walk in. One mask per person.

None of this seems too out of line for the year that we have endured. How is the food going to change? Are the days gone where we have everyone bring a dish? Some families will think that is the way to go.

Instead of tables and tables of Aunt Edna's potato salad, Uncle Danny's famous BBQ brisket, and cousin Sue's famous pumpkin pie we may have to settle for the new food spread of 2020. We may have a store bought and sealed pecan pie. Maybe we will serve the turkey individually sliced and wrapped into portions. What about the mashed potatoes? How is that going to change?

Even our numbers may change. It used to be the more family the better. This year we may have to keep a tighter guest list and make sure everyone RSVP's. We want no surprises of who is going to show up.

Are you still planning on having your Holiday get-togethers? How, if at all, will things change? Comment below.








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