In a year that has had more downs than ups it is nice to have something that is able to happen. We have had many events have to cancel. We have had others that decided to postpone until a later date. Some events have been able to find a way to go on.

So the Electric Light Parade tries not to have to cancel. There have been times, due to weather, that there have been no other choice. So everyone was wondering if Covid was going to wreak havoc on them as well.

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The Electric Light Parade is a big event for Center City. They had to cancel their High Noon on the Square for this season. They were able to continue with their Community Market by moving it to another location. Moving it to an area that made it easier to social distance.

But this is a parade. A parade that attracts a lot of people. We saw things this year, like the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on Thanksgiving. That is going on but virtually. No crowds and you can watch it on TV. So the folks at Center City had to do some thinking.

They came up with a great solution. The parade will still be happening but in reverse. Reverse? What does that mean? Well get this. The floats will all be lit up for all of Amarillo and Canyon to see they just won't be the ones moving. All the floats will be ready for viewing and the public will be the ones driving by and looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights.

The perfect solution to social distancing. The Electric Light Parade will be this year on Friday, December 4th starting at 6pm.

The route will be a little different this year too. The parade route will begin at the intersection of 14th and Tyler Street. The spectator cars will travel north on Tyler to 7th Street, travel west to Harrison and then travel south on Harrison back to 14th Street.

After the parade you will be invited to the Bivins Mansion at 10th & Polk to take a free but socially distanced photo with Santa and Mrs. Claus. So see The Electric Light Parade will just be a little different this year but luckily it will still be happening.

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