One of the things that every parent doesn't want to hear is that their child's school was put on lockdown.  Unfortunately, in the world, we live in today that is happening more and more.

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Schools are put on lockdown for many reasons, the main purpose is to keep our children safe.

This morning Bonham Middle School and Western Plateau Elementary were both put on lockdown Tuesday morning, September 20th.

According to a message sent out by the Principal of Western Plateau Elementary

Parents, this is Dusti Shipman at Western Plateau. I am reaching out to let you know we secured our campus for a brief period of time this morning because of concerns about a suspicious person near the campus. During the secure, the outside doors of our buildings were locked and students were brought inside and remained safe inside the school. The secure lasted about 10 minutes until the AISD Police safety team gave us the all-clear. We thank you for your trust and want you to know we are always doing our best to keep your student safe.

As scary as hearing the words your child's school is on lockdown are hearing, AISD and the APD do their due diligence to make sure our children are safe.

Students are back to their normal schedule.

What are the procedures for a lockdown in an AISD school?

According to the Amarillo ISD website:

Lockdown is a common school security practice used to secure a building. It will be implemented in the event of a campus emergency or crisis which requires students and staff to seek safety within the building. During this type of emergency, the safest place for students is inside the school building. The main entrance doors and all classroom doors will be locked if the school is in Lockdown. During a Lockdown, no one except uniformed law enforcement will be allowed to enter the building. This means that parents will not be admitted and students will not be released to parents while the school is under Lockdown.

What will my child experience during a Lockdown?

Lockdown begins with an announcement instructing all students to either remain in the room that they are in or immediately enter the nearest classroom which is manned by a staff member. Students remain in the locked rooms while police search the campus. When authorities are confident the building is secure, an all‐clear announcement will be made.

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