An Amarillo thief has defiled the great place that is HTeaO.

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HTeaO is a great place in Amarillo to get some really amazing tea.  In fact, they are behind the mystery of the giant pile of dirt at 45th and Teckla.

Recently, they posted a video on their social media where a man walks into their store on Hillside and just grabs a cooler, and just walks right out the front door.

I mean it was like it was nothing to this man. Just second nature. I personally cannot imagine walking into a store and walking out with something without paying for it. Do people not have a conscious anymore? Even if I had a side thought of taking something, my cricket would be chirping like crazy (see Jiminy Cricket for reference).

What possesses a person to just do this? Do they just assume it's just a cooler; I won't get caught? Is it knowing that even if they are caught they would just get a slap on the hand and maybe probation?

However, none of that matters, wrong is wrong, and stealing is wrong. This person needs to be held accountable for their actions. That's why if you know anything about this person, it's time to speak up and help to find out the identity of this man.

Just looking at the other videos posted along with this one, this move seems pretty calculated by this thief since he backed into a parking lot. However, because of this, they were able to get a very clear view of the license plate.

HTeaO Facebook
HTeaO Facebook

The fact of the matter is, this man, stole something that wasn't his, this Yeti cooler did not belong to him, and instead of purchasing the item. He felt entitled to it and just walked out of the store.


This isn't the first time this store has been hit, someone stole their delivery van back in April.

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