The holidays can bring out the best in us.

They can also bring out the worst in us...but this is just utterly ridiculous.

Reddit Screenshot
Reddit Screenshot

Pastor David Grisham, the leader of a group called "Repent Amarillo" strolled through Westgate Mall spouting off a message that just didn't need to be relayed.

This man wandered through the mall to find the line to see Santa Claus. Unfortunately, he wasn't going there to tell him what he wants for Christmas.

Grisham felt he should try to shatter the hopes of dreams of little children by telling them Santa Claus isn't real. Let's keep in mind these kids have been standing in line for probably quite some time to tell him what they want for Christmas.

As he spewed his belief and message to the masses gathered, you see parents looking at him with scowls on their faces. You even see a parent or two take it upon themselves to usher Grisham out of the area.

I'll tell you this much...I know someone who got lumps of coal placed all over their house, not just in their stocking.

I can also say that if I was in that line, my word choices for him wouldn't have been as friendly. I'm all about people having their beliefs...and non-beliefs. However, I'm NOT ok with someone running around at a joyous time of year trying to shatter children.

You wanna stand on a street corner with a bullhorn and shout your message? Cool, go for it. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing, it's one of the things we love about this country.

But come on man, these are just children. You don't have to believe Santa Claus is real, that's fine. Why do you feel you need to try and destroy children's holidays by pulling out your blowhorn when they're waiting to see this man?

Let's not forget the video he posted of a fake execution of Santa Claus. Some people just don't get it.

This is the first time I've personally seen this video and I was appalled. I just thought it was a good reminder of how being a decent person can go a long way. As we begin 2022, let's all try and be those decent people and make 2022 a better year than the last 2 we've had to endure.

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