Amarillo is full of diverse businesses.  One of the things the city isn’t lacking in is coffee and booze.

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One Amarillo business that is fluent in coffee and has been a staple in Amarillo coffee and has won national awards, tried out another side of the beverage business.

The Craft Cocktail Business

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When Palace Coffee Company opened up its new location in Wolflin Square it also had a secondary personality. Within the Palace walls the Royal Bar was opened. It was a place for people to enjoy a cocktail for happy hour or a place in the evenings or weekends to go and meet up with friends to have a drink.

It’s the perfect mesh. A perfect place to grab a coffee, do some work, or meet up with a friend or business partner during the day, or an excellent place to meet up with friends and enjoy a drink and nosh on some small bites or desserts in the late afternoon or evening. As with their world of coffee, the Royal Bar had their own signature line of cocktails.

Unfortunately, no matter how convenient or creative it was to have the Royal Bar in Wolflin Square.

The Royal Bar had its last hurrah.

The Royal Bar's reign has come to an end  According to a post on their Facebook page.

It has been a great two years Amarillo! We are going to miss the laughs and good times and most of all, serving you damn good cocktails.

The Royal Bar closed its doors on Saturday, May 20th.

Palace Coffee will remain open in that location and open Palace Coffee Hours however the Royal Bar is now officially closed.

It was an amazing idea, but was it just too royal for Amarillo?

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