Well, It seems the more things change the more they stay the same here in the Yellow City. Road Construction just seems to be never ending although we are starting to see some of the results from the summer maintenance program around town like here on 34th between Bell and Coulter where there's nice new asphalt and Bell itself reopened at I-40. Where one headache ends another begins.

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Construction Progress on Bell Avenue
Michael J. Rivera

This time the headache and the brake tapping will becoming to the medical district and one of the busier streets in town with Western Blvd. Let's break it down by street.

Medical Park

The Main Campus of BSA Hospital in the medical district of Amarillo, Texas
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

The work being done in the medical district runs right along BSA Hospital's campus on Wallace Boulevard between Research Street and Hagy Boulevard which will also make getting into Medi Park a little more of a challenge. Hagy Boulevard is also getting some major league work done as well from where it intersects Wallace Boulevard through Amarillo Boulevard. On the other side of the road Port Lane will also get work through Wolflin Avenue.  Folks with the city are also working to make sure that first responders and those with emergencies will still continue to have full access to the hospital at all times.

Western Street

You're also going to find a sea of traffic cones and barriers along Western Street between Southwest 34th (opposite Juliet) though 49th street which also includes the 45th street intersection. There is a time frame for a year on the 10 million dollar project and hopefully they can be done sooner.

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