Who would have thought that when we started 2020 that not only would we have new words in our vocabulary. You know like social distancing, covid, maskne. We also had to deal with new conditions too.

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We had to learn to wear a mask a lot. We had to learn to deal with what comes with that. We have had to figure out how to wear our makeup. If we wear makeup and a mask all day there is no doubt a lot of that makeup ended up on our mask. We also had to learn to deal with the acne that came with wearing a mask. Hence the term earlier maskne.

There was more than that in 2020. How about the bad breath. We came to find out that maybe our breath was more offensive than we knew before. I mean it is right there all trapped inside that mask for us to smell. I mean if we are wearing our mask correctly that is. We are supposed to have that mouth and nose covered.

So that leaves a front row seat to how bad it could be. So maybe we have already brushed our teeth and used mouthwash. I mean it is not feasible to be brushing out teeth nonstop anyway. Right? So we have to find other solutions. I know the boss will not find us away from the desk that long anyway.

So we lean towards other fixes. We make sure that we have breath mints on us more frequently. Or we have found that our purchase of mint gum has gone up as well. Anything to make sure our breath is minty fresh.

It used to be that we had that stuff around so that we didn't offend others. Now we keep it so we can make it through the day without smelling our own breath.

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