One of the great things about Amarillo is we have a good selection of big box stores.  However, as they have financial trouble, the city risks losing one of these stores.

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Bed, Bath, and Beyond has been struggling for multiple years.  They have closed down many stores all over the country.  Amarillo's Bed, Bath and Beyond, has been safe in most of the cuts.

So safe, they remodeled the Amarillo store while others were closing down. Back on February 22, 2022, we reached out to Bed Bath and Beyond and they said:

We are happy to share that our Bed Bath & Beyond store in Amarillo is undergoing a full-scale remodel and redesign to provide customers with a modern in-store shopping experience. Updates include lower sightlines, wider aisles and neatly arranged products that inspire customers to explore and shop our authoritative product assortment for every room of the home. Customers can also upgrade their shopping experiences by utilizing the Bed Bath & Beyond mobile app 'in-store shopping mode' that allows them to more easily navigate the store, view additional product information, create registry lists, and shop for additional colors, sizes and products. The Amarillo store has stayed open during its remodel and it’s almost complete, so we encourage our local customers to visit us to experience the new Bed Bath & Beyond.

Was the remodel enough?

Fast forward 14 months later, and the building where Bed Bath and Beyond is located shows up on this listing. This listing was posted on the Coldwell Banker Commercial Amarillo's Facebook page.   This listing makes it seem that Bed Bath and Beyond is up for lease.  But on the other hand, it could mean they just resigned a new lease and the realtor is celebrating the big-box store as being a continued occupant.

Justin Kite - Coldwell Banker Commercial
Justin Kite - Coldwell Banker Commercial/Facebook

Several people in the comments also asked if the store was closing.

If you look on the Coldwell Banker's Commercial realtor site, you will see retail space for lease and it has a big picture of Bed Bath and Beyond.  But in that same listing, it also lists Bed Bath and Beyond as an anchor store to the shopping center.

Is the end near?

On the Bed Bath and Beyond website you can see the list of closures.  In their list of  2023 store closures, it shows 14 Texas stores closing in 2023, but Amarillo isn't on the list.

It's possible that the Amarillo store will be in the next round of cuts but it hasn't been released or announced yet. Driving by the store over the weekend.  It looked business as usual, and no store closing signs were on the doors and windows.

What does Bed Bath and Beyond have to say?

After reaching out to Bed Bath and Beyond about the Amarillo store possibly closing they responded.

There are no current plans to close this location.

No current plans!  This is a plus, they don't have current plans to close Bed Bath and Beyond.  Who knows what the future holds, but for now they are open.  We will keep you updated when we find out any other information.

The best way to keep a store open is to take your business there and shop, shop, shop.

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